TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Something Has Gotten Into My Head

I dunno what the hell it is, but it seems to be keeping me awake. I’ll figure it out I guess. I went to bed after 1130 and here I am. At Quarter of TWO! I even took a benedryl and nothing...



Cleaned the kitchen and Dining/Living area on Saturday. I need to vacuum yet. Tomorrow *today* perhaps. The Offspring got me this organic, biodegradable counter cleaner and I finally gave it a try. The kitchen (and as an added result, the rest of La Casita) smells pretty good. The smell was knocked out by the roast I cooked in the crockpot for a while, but now since I’ve cleaned that up, it’s back. Nice.


Had friend KD over for the Superbowl and we chowed down on it pretty well. A good deal of it seems to have disappeared, so I assume it was good. Still have enough of the roast and the veggies to last a few days. I’ll eat well at least part of this week. *grins* I had a couple of scotches over ice preceding the half time meal. Another good thing.


After some research I ordered some (waaaaaaaay) less expensive hearing aids from Amazon (or one of their merchants) over the weekend. Based the purchase on the good reviews and the cost. As well as the customer service reports too. They should be here in the next couple of days. We’ll see.


I have some other things to post about but since it is now two in the morning, I think I’ll save these for another post:

The cliff

That Damned Credenza

Fitness (mine or lack thereof)

Am I going back to school or look for gainful employment.

Michael Palin’s Travelogues.

Gonna try to get some rest again as I am feeling some what sleepish now. Sleepytime I kinda like you...
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