TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

CD's and More CD's

Whenever I was sitting around (and let’s face it, lately I do this A LOT! *grins*) kind of watching TV or listening to music, I decided to go through our (well now mine) collection of music CD’s which I had on my shelves, and see what I’ve got and IF I wanted to add it to my iTunes library. I had 10 of these IKEA KASSETT boxes full. Honestly I thought I had most of them in iTunes already and I did. But I found a surprising bit that wasn’t.

Holy cats! Like about 80 to 100 Gigabytes worth. At least that’s what it looked like on my hard drive. I wasn’t really keeping track.

I also found a pile of empty cases. These I will recycle. I know most of the CD’s were either in the XTerra when it was wrecked (and I don’t know or care really if they were recovered or not) or my step son got ‘em.

After that I took the boxes and stacked them in a small corner in my closet. Two stacks of five boxes takes up less square footage than three shelves full on the shelving unit.

I just have too much crap. So I’m trying to de-clutterfy a bit. It’s a slo-o-ow process. Been working on my books too. I’ve read like 12 books since the first of the year. Stuff that I haven’t read for a while. If I don’t think I’ll read it again, it’s leaving. I know I still have a few boxes of books out in the storage room out in the hinterlands. I’ll eventually need to go through those as well. But since they ain’t here it isn’t as pressing. Gave the BluRays and Video games the once over as well. Re-arranged them on the little blue shelf unit I bought when I moved in here.

The five boxes of DVD’s can stay on the bottom shelf of the A/V bench where they are for now. Went through these too, and there are a couple I’ll never watch (including some bootlegs The Cool One bought on his school trip to NYC. These are really crap copies. Trashed...) Thought I would give The Offspring first crack at the legit ones.


In other news, I’ve got a play to go to tonight. Still deciding whether or not to run up to a baby renfaire on the west side of Austin on Sunday.
Tags: 42, itunes, music, my exciting life
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