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500 Words

I fell on this site, Dudecraft, this week after it was sorta dissed by Apartment Therapy. Can’t link to the post as it appears to have been removed. Probably firebombed by dudecraft fans. Dudecraft is written by Paul Overton, who seems to be a totally well rounded dude himself.

Honestly, I didn’t think it was that much of a slam, I mean after all it sent me to the site and now it is one I’ll be checking on a regular basis. Now Mr. Overton’s other blog is Every Day is Awesome. And this is where I picked up the title of this post. He had made an initial commitment (if to no one but himself) to write 500 words a day. I get the impression he was trying to make his bloggery pay. I admire that.

I’ll still read apartment therapy. I like the site.

Yes there is a point here...

Time was I would have no trouble making 500 words a day. Maybe not in one post but certainly in several. I don’t even think I SPEAK 500 words a day most days right now. A lot of those 500+ day posts were all about anger and misery. Mostly mine. I ain’t got that (mostly) in me any more. Grateful I am, but I’m also b-o-r-i-n-g...



This morning I thought I might quit smoking. Only had one left in the pack when I got up this morning. After 3 hours I broke down and went to buy some. I had the shakes something fierce. *sigh* The mind was willing, but alas. The rest of me is weak. Heh.


Urine my hallway! Think we must have a new resident (with a DAWG). I’m seeing frequent puddles of a fragrant yellow liquid up here in the halls on the 5th floor. So it’s a lazy dog owning resident. Yeesh! If you’re going to own a dog, you need to be willing to do the fucking footwork.


It doesn’t work and it’s not cool. Saw yet another econo box car with one of those ornate and unmatched (and UGLY) spoiler mounted on the back. Not doing a thing for your mileage (in the position it is in) and certainly isn’t doing a thing for the looks of your econo box. The guy who sold you that thing is laughing all the way to the bank!


I’ve been getting slaughtered by North Koreans this week. No really. Let me explain. Got “HomeFront” last week. Remember the movie Red Dawn? This game was written by John Millius who wrote that movie. I’m finding the single player version of this quite entertaining. And since I’m rubbish at this kind of game I’m finding it to be quite the challenge. The premise is it is around 2029. And the USA has been invaded by North Korea. There are places where this game just kicks my ass. Takes me 10 or 20 times to get through the missions. Not all of them but the last few? Oh yeah. The user community has kind of been savaging this game because it isn’t a “Modern Warfare” clone. Well no, that’s a different game by a different studio and published by a different company. And the fact that it is so different is WHY I like it. Frustrating in places, but once I figure out how to defeat the AI it’s all good!


So that’s over 500 hundred words for me. That wasn’t so hard was it?
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