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And No We Ain't Sorry.

What the hell? Saw that cracker preacher on our local news the other night. I fucking live in Texas. I used to live in Florida. Damned state is covered with shit like that guy. Why the hell do you think I moved over thirty years ago?

That stupid, ignorant, intolerant cracker preacher from Florida. Why the fuck do you have to go and do stupid redneck shit like that?

Not like you are gonna have to pay the ultimate price for that. Others a world away did though. You disgust me. I still don’t think that this kind of behavior is what your Christ had in mind when he said to ‘Love one another’


And I guess that makes me an intolerant son of a bitch too...

The news services picked it up. And of course Hamid Karzai (another guy I don’t consider to exactly be the sharpest stick in the box) had to mention it in a speech or something. One idiotic act deserves another, I guess.

When the hell are we gonna learn not to give people like this (any kind of ) a stage to do this kind of shit? Just because some idiot is gonna do something stupid does not mean it has to be news...

Give an idiot bandwidth...
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