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Well an Update...

Rockin’ the iTunes today...

I set my Mac mini up as a media server here in the living room. Plus (you know) I’ve got the thing wired (wireless too actually, *grins*) to play in any room in the apartment. I have an Apple TV unit in the bedroom siting on my Ethernet network. As far as the kitchen or bathroom or kitchen or patio with a bluetooth or via WiFi (via an Airport Express or two) portable speaker system that I can carry any place if I want. It’s a 21st Century version of the Ghetto blaster! Does the whole iPod connection thing too. It’s seems to work well so far. We’ll see if it does well in some of the diverse environments I want to take it to.

Along those lines when I was out with serene_orange for a few beers last week, Marilyn told me I needed to go on vacation and leave her my keys so she could see what it was like to live in a *connected* home.

I had to laugh. I’d have to write a manual. Heh heh. If things don’t go exactly as they should it takes a bit to figure it out.

Lights! Music! Entertain me!


Now for some “Deep Thoughts”. Oh Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! Might be tl;dr


Realizing I really need to pull myself together. I’m really out of whack! Along those lines, a list of goals:

  1. Quit smoking.
  2. Lose weight.
  3. Just get in better shape (much better when all is said and done) than I am now. Even if it is just getting out and walking more or riding my bike.
  4. Get my resume together and published
  5. (So I) Can get a damned job.
  6. An attitude adjustment will be required. Already working this one, I am a work in progress *grins*
  7. Get out there and take more pictures. I’ve mostly wasted this beautiful spring weather we’ve been enjoying here on the Texas Gulf coast.
  8. I also need to clean this apartment up better than I have been doing. And my car. I am not a slob or pig. I don’t live in a damned sty.
I got plans to make and things to do to get there. I am a lazy bastard though... Through and though. Procrastination!


Do you know how much easier it is just to sit on my couch and read or watch TV (gasp!) or movies or play video games? Very easy. V-e-r-y E-a-s-y. VERY!

Granted I watch a lot of educational stuff. Nat Geo, Science channel, etc... And news (no end of depressing lately).

But some of what I watch is just plain ol’ mind numbing terrible shit. Rot yer brain it will.

Case in point, last night I was looking through NetFlix and I noticed that they’ve recently added a bunch of the James Bond movies (Yeah ~ mindless drivel, but not exactly what I was talking about *grins*) which I added a few to my instant queue. I noticed one of those Japanese Slasher movies which are frickin’ awful pieces of ludicrous trash. You know the kind where someone lops off a limb or something and blood sprays like a frickin’ water fountain. Yeah that’s what I mean. So I watched that one before I went to sleep. Bloody awful.

Also watching way too much day time television as well. Not the soaps thank be to the gods. But jeebus! Still too much of it.

There were a number of years I didn’t even OWN a TV. I was alright with that too. But now? Jeebus! Time to cut the cord? I used to worry about wife 3.0 doing this. She fell asleep almost every night doing this. Until she started talking to the boys (or one in particular, I am thinking at this point) in East Texas. Oh well.

I’ll have to take it slow though.


My guilty pleasures right now are XBox 360 games. Lately it’s been Home Front and Lego Indiana Jones. Ha!

Not giving up any remaining geek cred I’ve got behind those.


I recently started taking the Houston Chronicle on Thursday, Friday, and the weekend again. This generates wayyyyyyyyyy too much trash in my opinion. Way too much. I may have to look into downgrading just to the actual weekend days. It’s like INFO OVERLOAD. And it is just too much paper. Almost feel guilty for not doing the recycling thing.

Reading the paper used to be one of my (not so guilty) pleasures. I have yet to re-develop that habit.

And speaking of too much paper (or email as well), ever since I joined AARP, they seem to be trying to bury me under a deluge of both paper and email. For crissakes, I’m going to have to look into something to get me from under this mountain of SPAM! Swear I’m getting close to three or four pieces of mail from these goobers a week.

And that’s just the damned snail mail! Gotta be a way to opt out of this mountain of mostly BULLSHIT! probably 90% of this I take off any labels with my name and chuck it...

(I do that with all my mail. Paranoid much? Well, maybe just a little.)


And The Offspring is right. I just seem to have too much clutter. I’m getting somewhat sick of having so much stuff. To that end, bought a book to read on my Kindle (no paper!) called, “Unclutter Your Life in One Week” by Erin R. Doland. She even said her 7 days took place over a lot of months.

I’m kinda looking forward to that book. Wonder if it will help. I read the forward before I bought it and something just said, “BUY IT, T!”


I like printed matter but jeebus, we are killing the planet with the manufacturing of paper products. If you don’t recycle, you should be. I have given up paper plates and cups for the most part. When I spill something I try to use a piece of cloth to wipe it up rather than a paper towel.

I’m trying to give up printed books books and magazines too. I get a few magazines via electronica. I get Readers Digest and National Geographic on my iPad. Nat Geo changed the format of the e version of their mag this month (or last month) and I’m trying to decide whether or not I like the changes. Still good stories and great photos. I like some of the changes they’ve made, but I’m not sure about the not being able to pinch zoom the photos. I think I am somewhat disappointed by this. But I can deal.

I also get an e-version Asimov’s Science Fiction on my Kindle. The format is funky, but again, not paper.

I still get Outside and Wired mags via snail mail. I just don’t want to pay more for using an e-version of a magazine. Probably somewhat hypocritical, but screw it.

I buy the kindle version of any book that I can, because really do I need a paper version of that book? The Kindle weighs about as much as a good sized paperback book. If that falls on my face in bed or on the couch when I invariably fall asleep it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as a 900 page hard bound book! SMACK!

And it is very fast to download to the thing.

I’ll jump off the soapbox now.

I hope all is well with you and yours. I’ve kinda been hermiting it up here lately.
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