TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

At Repair Shop in the Hinterlands

Getting the EGR (damned service engine light!) valve replaced along with one of the engine pulleys. Bearings are going on that particular part. Blast!

Reckon I'm here for a couple of hours at least. The place where I used to get my hairs cut isn't too far from here either so I may wander over there while I'm out here.

Katy seems to have sprouted a few more businesses. One of which is a Steak and Shake restaurant. Lunch was procured at this establishment. All of those closed here in SE Texas some years back. Apparently they're making their way back here.

Too bad I try to stay to stay outta fast food places these days. For them, I mean. I'd like to live a few more years thankyouverymuch!

Dunno what the hell this guy is doing on a car repair shop?!?!

Tags: 42, the saturn express
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