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Just in Case...

Dinner and beers with a friend the other night. We were sitting at the bar admiring the ‘scenery’.

He: Here. You might need these soon.

Me: What?

And he hands me two condoms. Talk about surprised.

A few days before that we had been talking about the state of present day realities in sexual matters and I had said I couldn’t even remember the last time I had used a condom, let alone bought any. He was shocked.

Any of the women I’ve been with (for the most part anyway *grins*) were committed relationships. I knew where they had been and who they were with.

He: Just in case, dude.

I just kinda looked at him with what I hoped was a wry smile.

Me: Just in case of what?

He: You know what...

Me: What, just in case you need to borrow one?

*fade to black*

Just so you know I did thank him as I put them in my pocket.
Tags: 42, my exciting life
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