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I Could Eat It With a SPOON!

OMG! Had a bagel spread with Nutella for breakfast. I swear I could eat that stuff with a spoon! HA!

With that in mind:


Had a visit with my doctor yesterday to talk about my quarterly blood test. Loves my cholesterol level. It’s closer to normal than it has ever been in my memory. Back on the Sevastatin to get it to normal.

However, the glucose levels seem to be an issue for concern. Need to cut back on the sugar. Sweet tooth is gonna kill me.

Gotta consider WW again. I’ve gained back all the weight I lost over the last year. That’s a little depressing. Just need to make a few adjustments.


Got a scrip for Chantix (the starter kit) which I’ll start at some point next week. Gotta give up tobacco. Once my asthma backs off a bit I’ll be willing to get more exercise.


Lifestyle changes are coming...
Tags: 42, medical
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