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So the Kitchen Was Stripped

My kitchen was cleaned (by moi) today. I’ve dusted, scrubbed and cleaned from top to bottom. I’ve cleared the clutter *YES!* from the counters. Looks pretty good in there. All I’ve got left is letting the burner drip bowls (I had to look that up! Didn’t know what they were called...) finish drying and once they are done I can scrub the sinks.

Spring cleaning is what I am calling this. Part of my ongoing efforts to reduce the clutter around here.

Now if I could just get the science experiments outta the Fridge! Ha! I know. I’ll get the crap out.


The dining / living room is next. Then after that the bedroom and closet.

I *seem* to be making progress on the clutter around here.
Tags: 42, apartment life, my exciting life
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