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Whoa! Car Wasn't THAT Messy!

Got my “Go to the pool” bag out of the bedroom closet today. I’m figuring it’s time to head on down at some point today. The only things it had in it were to bottles of sunscreen. Hmmmmm. Seem to remember it had more than that in it when I put it away. Like an old pair of prescription sunglasses. Metal frames that can take a little battering around. But no they weren’t in there. OR ANY WHERE ELSE IN THE APARTMENT!! Dang it! Hate when I can’t find something.

Uhhhh. I seem to remember having them out in the car for some reason or another... Sooooooooooooo...

Finally got around to clearing the crap out of The Saturn Express today. Found all kinda stuff in there.

  • A bunch of stuff I need to shred. Nothing really important, just receipts and other ass’t stuff that is no one else’s business but mine.
  • Mail receipt from the last package I sent to ‘Herself’.
  • An old keychain I have missed.
  • A Utility knife
  • A really nice Multi-tool I bought myself for Christmas a couple years ago.
  • A CD “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?”
  • Another CD by Peter Gabriel. “Big Time”
  • Yet another CD, by Jeff Beck.
And that damned pair of Sunglasses I was looking for earlier this morning.


Not to mention a bag of miscellaneous trash that went down the garbage chute before I came back to La Casita.

And MAN, it’s frickin’ hot in SE Texas!
Tags: 42, my exciting life, the satrun express
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