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There’s hope for Texas yet. Or at least Texans.

Check this ~ a segment on ABC’s “What Would You Do?” in Farmers Branch, Texas. This is a small town northwest of Dallas. To set the scene, a pair of lesbian Moms take their two children out to eat in a restaurant and get served by an intolerant waitress. Just give the video a watch.

Gay Parents Bashed.

Warms my heart. Makes me proud to be a long time Texan. Unfortunately, a Gay couple didn’t fair as well as the ladies did. But baby steps. Baby steps...

via everydayisawesome.com

Thanx, Paul!


Spent a little time in the pool yesterday afternoon. I waited until there was quite a bit of shade. I think I still got a little sun though. Not really burnt, but I can feel it.

As I walked on down there I noticed a pile of Cops walking around. I also noticed a new padlock on the entry gate for the pool as I went through it. Looking at the other gates (there are at least 5) as I walked to the pool, they all have shiny new padlocks too. Kind of a WTF!? moment. Not really fond of our men in blue. The only dealings I’ve ever had with police have been quite unpleasant. *grins*

I took a small cooler with a couple of beers, the book I’m currently reading and the part of the paper that has the puzzles in it. I like to work the Sudoku and word search *grins*. I placed everything within easy reach and eased my way into the cool (!) water.

Very nice. And I had it almost to myself. A woman I’ve seen down there a lot this spring was there with her dog. Meh...

Dogs (or any pets) don’t really belong at public pools, but as long as you keep them from barking too much, and they don't menace any one, AND you keep them OUT OF THE POOL, I’m okay with them being there.

I was just floating around minding my own business when out of the corner of my eye I noticed one of the apartment reps talking to the lady with the dog. I couldn’t really hear what was being said as my ears were under water, but then she turned to me and started talking. Huh?! Hellllllo ears under water! So I surfaced...

She: Sir, are you a resident here?

Me: Excuse me? Yes I am. Up on the fourth floor.

S: What apartment number?

So I gave her the number.

S: Ok. We need to asknow. Apparently there was a pool party here last weekend and they had a DJ, kids running all over. And not ONE of them actually lived here!

M: Saw that one going on. I figured at least SOMEONE at the party lived here, but I’d never seen any of them before. Oh and what’s the deal with all the PO-lice around today?

S: The manager will be sending a note out today.

Turns out we had a spate of burglaries yesterday. (There was a note on my door when I came up from the pool)

In the mean time the lady with the dog is furiously dialing the phone. Then she starts getting dressed. The apartment rep escorted her from the pool area. Not a resident apparently. I went back to doing what I’m best at...NOTHING!
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