TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Happy Father's Day!

Had plans to do a brunch thing with The Offspring. Had to stop on the way to her place and get gas. I muttered to myself ‘don’t lock the door ~ don’t lock the door’ as I got out of the car. Filled up my tank. (That still pisses me off these days ~ *grins*) I went to get back in the car and found... I had locked the car door! Well done, T!!

Asked the attendant inside if they had a coat hanger or a door jimmy (tool for unlocking doors) and no they didn’t. Called the kiddo, told her what was going on and asked if she’d bring me a coat hanger. She did, but I couldn’t get the thing to act right. I finally called ATT roadside assistance. They had some one there in less than half an hour. Guy popped the door open in like 5 minutes. The paperwork took longer to do! So off we went to my apartment. 3 blocks away. I needed to change my shirt.

The first place (Papacitos) we tried was somewhat ridiculous crowded. By this time we were both so hungry we didn't care about the brunch thing. Bring on the chips and salsa. Pulled into the next mexican restaurant (and it wasn't a chain) we came across and had a pretty good meal.

Tex~Mex is good for the soul I think. After that I went along with the girl to the pet store so she could get her cat some cat food, and then she dropped me off here at La Casita. I spent the afternoon watching Rory Mcilroy kick some ass at the US Open.

A nice day overall except for the car keys issue... And even that wasn’t too bad...
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