TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

The View From Where I Am...

Haven't been down to the pool in nearly two weeks. Today's the day though. Walked down to the corner store and back. Thought I was gonna die before I hot my apartment door. Jeebus it's hot!

So any way, I'm sure as hell in it now.

Got my kindle, my heineken light, etc.

And yeah those are my shoes. The box is mine too. I call it my pool box. Got the iPod, a pair of cheap speakers, sunscreen, an old pair of prescription sun glasses, and some
other reading material. Plus whatever else I think I might need at the moment I come down.

The manager (what a fox!) just came out and threw 4 boys out of here, so at the moment I've got the place to myself.


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Tags: 42, my exciting life, via ljapp
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