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It's Really Kind of Simple...

Been trying to post this for a couple of days now...

No really...

Couple people have commented on my self imposed radio silence *grins*. It has been self imposed as nothing of any import is really happening around here right now.

But here’s a few tidbits...

While I was down at the pool the other day, there was a couple down there with a little girl. I watched her delighted while she looked at the wet footprints she made as she got out of the water. See ~ simple.


I finished my Big 50 at the neighborhood dive bar. Happy Hour prices for life! Yay! But only on domestic beers. Not premiums or imports ~ Boo! Still simple.


I was sitting in said bar the other day when an elderly woman I had seen before came in and took the stool next to me. She talked my ears off for the next few hours! She’s 81 years young and man, has she lived an interesting life. Been married 4 times. Outlived 3 of them and likely will the 4th as well. He’s in the local VA Hospital with cancer and dementia.

She drank two Buds in the time she was there and nursed both of ‘em.

Sweet woman, but I wouldn’t bet against her. The odds seem to be on her side. Simple math.


Had a very nice breakfast with The Offspring a day or three ago. Nice to spend some time with the kiddo. Heard The Cool One is awaiting deployment to Iraq in Kuwait City or some place equally hellhole like. And alleycat2681 has had a nice vacay in Costa Rica before they had to start her show there. Simply wonderful...


I’ve noticed a bunch of folks moving out here lately. Now I know why. Got a notice about signing a new lease (or not), in October. Going to raise my rent $90.00 (if I sign a lease for 6 or 12 months) Raise will be a whopping $319.00 if I go off lease. Jeebus. I guess long term tenancy doesn’t mean Jack anymore.

My last increase was $10.00 just for reference...


A reporter from one of the local weekly news papers picked up on this post from June of last year. And wanted to know if I knew any other incidents. Said no, but maybe talk to some of the employees along that strip of road or talk to some folks in the one or two bars along the same strip. He wanted to interview me and I said thanks for reading, but no thanks to the interview. My other incidents happened a long time ago...



LiveJournal has been seriously intermittent for 3-4 days now it seems. I could display my friends page (sometimes), but I couldn’t comment. The posts don’t display. Been reading when I’ve been on, just can’t say much right now due to LJ squirreliness!


I appreciate the pokes and prods from those that thought I needed one...

I guess I did!
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