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It's Amazing How Quickly a Good Day Can Turn to Shit

I was tooling around the apt as usual today. Did a load of wash, a dishwasher load. I had settled on to the sofa to pay some bills.

It was then that things seemed to make a left turn off the map.

I reached over my laptop to get my (fresh and FULL) glass of water. And dumped the whole thing right onto the keyboard. I quickly turned it upside down to drain. It seemed to be pretty full.

Amazingly enough when I uprighted it later it still seemed functional. Needless to say I'll be letting it dry out for a week or so. Jeez.

So I fired up my desktop so I could transfer some funds to pay the rent. I noticed about 1/2 dozen transactions that weren't mine in the listing. I wrote the check for the rent and delivered it. Then drove over to the bank. just in case my account was compromised I thought I'd pull some money
Out via ATM before I went in to talk about these other charges.

No go. Invalid PIN. I tried a few more times and decided I really had a fucking problem. I talked to one of the bankers. Going to kill the card and get a new one and dispute the charges. These were from stores I didn't usually shop at.

Handed over my card and ID. Then the banker pointed out the card I gave her wasn't mine!

Some merchant had switched the cards on me and some one else. Asked her what the name was on the card. And the lightbulb went on.

Was out with serene_orange and one of her friends. We were at a bar and then out for food. I figure the switcheroo was done at the restaurant.

In minutes I was on the phone with serene_orange

So... 2 Cancelled debit cards later I'm sitting guess where? Heh

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