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Thoughts: Variations on a Theme


1. I was a long time Blogger user. Then someone suggested I check out LiveJournal. Created an account - decided I liked it after a two week period and went to a paid account. I never dropped my blogger pages though. They've been through an upgrade since I came over here and of course google bought them. I like the layout customizations I can do over there so I kept the accounts.
Sound Off by TexasT's, This was a general blog just like my lj pages. TexasT's Adventures in 1:160 my blog which was devoted to all things model railroady with a slant towards NScale or N Gauge for our English friends...I also had a test blog too. (probably still do...) I tested template changes, posting picture tests and just general testing. It is like the sanbox we have at work. A sandbox is where you can test new configuration, additional programming, etc. And I'm sure this is where I got the idea from for the test blog.

I also had a couple of other things that I put up in book form. One was from a trip The Queen and I took when we visited the notorious Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica, TexasT's and The Queen Invade Jamaica. The other was from our Windjammer cruise, TexasT's and the Queen Invade Grenada. This is the tale of my first windjammer Cruise, upon which The Queen and I got married. It was also never finished. At this point in my life I don't know if it ever will be. It would be a nice record of one of the best times of my life. But things being as they are today, I just don't know if I can finish. I still have the story in Manuscript form although I am unsure as to whether I ever finished it, either. I'll have to look. I suppose I should at least have a look and try to finish it before that trip fades from memory. I may have a chapter or two already in staging that are just about ready for posting. Originally wrote this as a trip report for a WindJammer fan site and BBS. It was pretty well rec'd there.

Y'all ought to check them out and let me know what you think...of my writing style. and whether you think I should continue the WJ tale. It is a fun story...

But I like lj and I'm here to stay. Not sure I can sustain an effort to maintain these pages and blogger as well. Matter of fact I haven't evebn tried.

Any ways - the real point of this was, the last time I logged into my blogger account - they made me set up a gmail account (Google had bought blogger.com sometime ago) While I was there I started looking at igoogle and setup a page or two their just to experiment with them and see how they compare to yahoo!. Which brings me to my next point.

2. Been a yahoo! user for a long time too. A real long time it feels like. Seems like I've had an account there forever. I got a lot of news from the pages and gfeeds I've setup. But after using igoogle for a week or two, I really like the flexibility of the page changes and widgets and may have to make that my startup page and kill my yahoo pages. Anyone else using igoogle? You should give it a try. It is like web 2.0 whereas my yahoo! pages are seeming somewhat dated.

3. Off to Nacogdoches tomorrow to pick up my step-daughter - This will be an interesting trip, I'm sure. Espcially since I'm not to speak to her (bwaaaaahahahahaha) Gotta pickup a Uhaul up there, load it and bring it back with most of her stuff!

4. My baby gurl (The Offsring) graduates from college on Friday. So my drive up and back will need to take place all in one day. And those shits at U-Haul haven't called me yest to tell me where to pick my truck up at. I probably call them in the morning before I leave.

Gonna be a busy weekend!
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