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Zen and the Art of Trying Too Hard...


Get your attention?

I people watch. A lot. I was hanging in my favorite beer joint type bars a weekend or two ago and I had a golden opportunity to watch some guy just “trying too hard”.

He was shooting pool with a really vivacious woman. She was attractive but I think it was mostly her attitude that got the guys. Any way this dude (and No, I just don't care for him much... Mostly because the few times I’ve been cornered into a conversation with him, he tended to show ME some macho, bullshit attitude. I don't truck with that crap.) was playing pool with this gal and they were just loud. *grins* And she was kicking every one’s ass who got on the table with her. At first I put it down to too much beer.

But after watching for a while I realized this guy (and he’s married I think) was trying to pick her up... He laughed too loudly at every little thing she said. Spent a lot of time touching her in various places. She flirted hellaciously with him. He bought most of the beers they drank, because he kept losing at pool! Held her own against the onslaught. After a few hours I think he realized (finally) she wouldn’t be going home (or any where) with him and bailed somewhat (un)gracefully.

After he left a succession of guys spent time talking to her. Yes, including me. I was curious... But I had no wish (no agenda) to take any one home. I think she sensed that and spent a bit of time trying to figure out why. Or maybe I can just hold up my end of a conversation. *grins*

I asked around the bar staff about her (Well I found her attractive as well.) and since found out she’s around 50 years old, married, and has a couple of grown children. A fine woman, but off limits to me. I’ll watch others make idiots out of themselves, but I’ll try to spare them my idiocy.

She’s been in there a few times when I’ve been there and we had nice conversations. Flirty, and serious. Nice woman.

And she kicks ass at pool!
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