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About Time Too...

Some may remember this entry in the beginning of last August; It's Amazing How Quickly a Good Day Can Turn to Shit.

This was the day that (amongst other things) I spilled a glass of water into the keyboard of my MacBook Pro. Since then I've had to use a wireless (or wired) keyboard. The issue with that is I miss me backlit keys. No typing in the dark. *grins*. I could live witrh that. And then.

And still.

And. Then.

And then the Superdrive started mis-firing intermittently. It would reject 1 out of 4 discs. And over a period of months it got progressively worse. Go figure. Yeh...

End of January it would read a program disc for a new software install long enough to let me do the install, but I still had to load the data disc. And it was a nogo. I must have tried 20 times. Did a couple of restarts and few complete shutdowns.

Frickin' no dice. No chance. Nada. Nil. Zip Zero and Zilch. Maddening.

Finally ended up using an older DVD drive I had purchased a couple of years ago. Mission accomplished. But I've got a small problem with this going forward.

This is supposed to be a PORTABLE MACHINE. The drive I used is about half the size of the case of the laptop. It's quite hefty as well. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd. I have to actually tote along a wireless keyboard as well. Still it's better than carrying an iMac around... Right? Yeah, barely.

Not gonna lug an external (drive OR Kbd.) around with me so last week I started casting about for some parts. Used or new, didn't matter to me. Old girl was built in 2007 so ya know... I did find both from different vendors for reasonable prices. So they are winging their way to me via SNAIL MAIL apparently. But end of this week or whatever I'll have a project on my hands.

Had this machine apart before to replace the hard drive, but I'm still calling this a major project. Can I do it? Of course. Not a doubt in my tech skills.

The machine is a wooly-booger to get open though. 20 something screws I think, just to remove the upper case.


Called the RedHead today, left a message. Dunno the correct thing to do, though. Just wait or should I call again? Got time for that I reckon.


I am presuming that my supplies for the Darth Vader Machine have shipped and hopefully will be in tomorrow's post. Left a message there too.


Right. I'm off to bed.
Tags: 42, mbp, tech, tech support
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