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Enough Already!

The weather around here has been changing every couple of days for the last couple ~ three weeks.

When the weather changes, whether for good or ill, my sinuses feel like they want to cave in from the pressure. Feels like I've had a headache almost continuously for the entire time. OTC drugs give (very) temporary relief.

I may have to break down and try to get in to see a doctor.

Even woke me up a few times at night...

This is frickin' miserable.

Other than that, everything is just peachy...

Spent some time today doing laundry and cleaning up a bit around here. Treated myself to a burger for a late dinner and then cruised by the local watering hole. Only stayed for a couple of beers before my sinuses drove me outta there and back to la casita.

Waiting for drugs ti kick in. Tired of this shit.
Tags: 42, my exciting life
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