TexasT's (texasts) wrote,


Just had a nice bit of chicken curry over rice with an eggroll for lunch. Got the curry from my favorite takeout place around here on the advise of some one else that uses them. Mmmmm good!

Got the medium spice, though. Got a little heat to it, but I may have to kick it up a notch next time.

Been doing quite a bit of thinking around here lately. I've done some kinda silly stuff lately, what with the Blonde One fiasco, and that red headed artist. Been drinking a little too much. And not keeping up with some of that which I need to keep up with.

I used to make fun of folks that closed bars, and here I seem to be doing it quite a bit here lately. Getting to bed late (or early depending on your point of view!) and sleeping late. Either getting too much or not enough sleep. This is not what I want to be...

I'm thinking I may not be ready to do the "dating" thing. Not willing to work that hard at it right now. Can't really say I'm what you would call lonely.

I need to get a grip on my situation before I can invite any one else in...

Been doing some writing in an offline journal as well. Some thoughts just don't need to be shared, nor commented on, no?

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