TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Been Thinking

You know, I used to be a creative being. Seriously. I think I've been stifling my own creativity. For the most part. It's been me, myself & I. Not reacting to stimuli. Or perhaps a lack of it. Not seeing. Not feeling. Things that I should. Or would have in the past. I have no one else to blame. And you know, I can live with that. As long as I'm able to fix it.

Was that comfortably numb? Reckon so.

I hope to be able to regain that eye again. Can I retrain myself? I think so... I hope so.

Picked up an app or two with and eye (or ear) towards that end. For both iOS and OSX. I got some learning to do. It'll do me some good. Been stagnant too fucking long.

Been trying to write journalistic type stuff every day. Been somewhat successful. For the last 4-5 days. Hahaha!!

So either here or in my offline journal. Mostly offline for some reason. Good thing I don't really have a life, because if i wrote it all here, y'all would be sadly bored. *grins* I'm serious.

Did a first meditation lesson today. Focusing on breathing or breath. That's my mission for the first sessions for a week. I'm looking forward to it. And the next lessons.

Dropped another 6 pounds on my weigh-in this morning. I'm liking this shit.

Speaking of stimuli... As I was pulling out of the parking garage... I was parked on the top floor. Got into my car and backed out of my spot and started my decent. As I hit the first turn, I noticed a couple that was set up on the down ramp. They had fold up chairs, martinis and were both smoking cigars. Took me a minute... The downramp faces west.

But they were there to watch the damned sunset. How flippin' cool is that?!? Reckon like me, they can't see the sunset from their apt.

I never even thought of that shit. I gotta believe if I was in my right mind, I'd have thought of that looooooong ago. Fuuuuuuuck...

The view from where I am...

Is getting brighter by the day.

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