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It Just Works...


Except when it doesn't ~

Been moving component electronics around today. Hit a snag when my Living room Apple TV refused to connect. Like to drove myself crazy trying to figure this one out. Finally eliminated all SW and HW issues except for the Ethernet switch.

BINGO! Unplugged the cable and moved to a different port… All green across the board. But jeebus! I wasted a lot of time on this…

Guess that’s a problem with hyper focus.

Need to figure out a new setup for the bed room though. Not like I don't have enough equipment. Hah. Not quite as important, but needs to be done.

Weight ~

Been off the rails on my diet this week. And just about everything else too.

Still managed a net loss of about 5 lbs. No tracking, ate and drank whatever the hell I felt like…

Certainly didn't expect that! Maybe more physical activity (nothing planned or organized) last week, but I was out and about quite a bit last week. Worked up a sweat a couple of times. But this is SE Texas.

Jeez, I wonder what would have happened if I was paying attention?

Going to try and get serious with this again this week. I want to start cooking again.

Sleep ~

Has been consistently inconsistent. Sleeping every night (or morning). Except for the damned sinus headache I had over Friday and Saturday. Weather changed. Figure that’s what that was about.

That has screwed with my weekend fun though.

In by six out by noon!
Been doing a lot of this lately. Get home around 400 or 500, in bed by 600, up by noon.

I really should stop. But. Why? If I expect to rejoin the regular workforce, I’m guessing I’ll need to get back to regularly sleeping at night.

Living ~

I just signed a years lease on la casita. So. Committed I am. Or maybe I should BE committed. Hah!

Commitment is NOT a dirty word

Going to ream myself out now...

Except maybe for me. Been reading a lot lately about people who have committed to do one or two things every day. For a year. And succeeded.

Fuck! I can't even commit to daily doing anything for a month. Sometimes a week!

I'm off the rails on all my improvement projects. And have been for nearly 2 weeks.

Diet and weight loss - screwed
Meditation - screwed
Cleaning @ la casita - screwed
Using and abusing myself - perfect!

I need to get a grip and make it stick. Been kinda waiting to see what the results of my blood work yield, but I want to restart these projects.

Okay - Enough bitching. Off to shower and then scrounge up some food-ish type stuff.
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