TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Love It

Mostly back on track for WW. Had some pasta and some sorta stewish thing for lunch over it. Not very points intensive, but filling enough.

Gave the kitchen a good start today too.

Tried a new Chinese place around the corner from la casita. It's been there for a year or two. Used to be a Chinese diner/coffee shop. Yeah, weird. But you could get a decent breakfast plate there. That closed and this place opened.

Had a couple of deelish summer rolls with some kinda peanut sauce. Rolls were good. Sauce was rather bland.

Then they brought me a big platter of chicken chow fun. Big fat rice noodles with onions, bamboo, and nice chunks of chicken. Sauce was almost sweet, but soy sauce based. Scrumptious.

Took 1/2 for another meal at some point.

Listened to some (I assume) single dad eating dinner with his two children. Their conversation consisted mostly of dad bitching about their table manners and food choices. And then the boy fighting back. The girl, definitely the older of the two, mostly sat back and took it. Bleh. Not one of them knew how to act.

I seem to be in a better mental space tonight. Good thing. Was kinda foul last night.

Finally got my laptop off to Lenovo to be repaired. Let THEM figure that shit out. Big ass box they sent me was taking up too much space. Heh. Shipment was overnight prepaid. Should get the thing back at some point next week. Yeah!

Think it might (ha ha) be an early night for me. Then again. Maybe not. Most of the crewe is back in town or will be tomorrow.

Laundry later or in the morning. Need to program the droid vacuum to run a couple times a week. Little shit does a pretty good job with the floors and carpet. All I have to do is keep up with the rest. Har har!

Start a round of dog sitting for some friends at some point this week too. Wouldn't ordinarily volunteer to do that, but they were pretty desperate. Along the lines of, "Help me obi wan. You're our last hope!" kind of desperate. Soooooo....

I'm just not crazy about dogs. Especially someone else's dogs. But we all gotta do what we gotta do.

So, an even keel kind of start to the week, no? Of course it is early yet...

Hopefully I'll feel like doing some study work this week too.

Peace out.
Tags: 42, dinner, dinning, foodstuffs
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