TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Not Sure About This One

My step daughter, A was in town last week. Had a nice birthday luncheon with she and E, the darling daughter on Wednesday. Their bds are a couple days apart. Typically we do them both at the same time. At least recently we have. When A is town anyhoo. She's my world traveller. Works for Disney on Ice. She seems to get all her downtime at once.

Girl brought me a bottle of Jameson's right from the distillery. With my freakin' name on the label. How cool is that?

Called me Thursday and asked if I could get her to the airport Friday afternoon. I surely could.

On the way to the airport, I asked how her dinner with friends went for her birthday. She said it went well. Herself’s and my ex-roomate C was there. I asked how she was doing. Fine she said. Living in Trinity, but thinking of moving back to town. Apparently there’s a BF involved. And she would like to talk to me. Really?! I cannot imagine why? The last conversation I had with her a couple of years ago, did not go very well.

Honestly, I wish C well. But do I want to re-open a dialogue or more with this person? I’m on the fence about this.

While I confess to some curiosity, as to what she could possibly have to say, I’m not really sure I give a fuck. Sounds like I’m being nasty, I know, but I’ve spent quite a bit of time, actively staying away from (mostly) my former life in the burbs.

Haven’t spoken to any of Herself’s relatives in over a year and a half, other than my step-daughter. And I do not plan to unless it is by accident. Not so much because it hurts, but I don’t feel comfortable hanging out with that bunch. Far too many lies and bullshit amongst that bunch.

I don’t think I want to re-inject that into my life.


Laptop was rec’d and turned around by Lenovo in less than a week. Haven’t even had time to power the thing up to see if they managed to fix it. I’m sure they did otherwise would they have turned it around and got it back to me? I think I can sit still long enough to power it up this morning ~ heh


Continuing to think about changes for me.

Road trip is coming I think.
Tags: 42, life liberty & the pursuit of happiness, old business
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