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Well That Was Easier Than I Thougght

I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by the amount of shopping I had to do at the grocery store. Haven’t been for a couple of months. I KNOW. Not for a major supplies run.

I’ve been dreading this trip. One of our grocery stores has delivery options, so I gave them some exercise. Considering the amount of crap I needed to buy and the volume of some of it, I think the delivery charge was perfectly reasonable. And I didn’t have to wear myself out lugging the stuff from the store to the car, and then from the car to la casita. They delivered more than I could have got into my granny cart in one trip. Will I do this everytime? Hell, no. But it is a viable alternative.

Doesn’t look like I spent too much more than I would have had I walked the aisles myself. I may have spent more if I had as I actually gave more thought as to what I wanted to cook this week.

Count that as a win...
Tags: 42, apartment life
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