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Picked up some sorta cold thingy, in the last few days or nights. Feel like freakin’ crap. Came on quick last night. Tight scratchy throat, fugly cough….

Already decided (yet again *sigh*) to stop burning it at both ends. Which is how I think I ended up sick anyway.

I have things I need (and want) to take care of around here (home, hearth and me… Not necessarily in that order) and I cannot, or will not if I’m toasted. So toasting must come to a stop. I’ll just sit here and continue to vegetate otherwise.

Can you say, “King of the Couch Potatoes?” Uh yeah. Let myself stall out for far too long.


So first to get well. Then onward and upward. I know what to do. Or not to do.

I think chinese delivery might be in order. Comfort food.


Had some lovely thunderstorms here at various times the last few days. Been hot as hell out too. Summer has arrived in SE Texas.


As I said in the title of this, BLEH!
Tags: 42, my exciting life, sick
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