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Primeval Karaoke

Just got done watching the first ep of the first season of Primeval. How the hell did I miss this show?

Happened to be fooling around in iTunes today (whilst I should've been doing something else, but I can be very easily distracted. *grin*) I had already decided to buy the season pass for Falling Skies. I was about that when I noticed that the first Primeval episode was in my library. I must’ve downloaded it when it was free or something.

I finished the REAL stuff I should have been doing a while ago, which was finding and testing some karaoke software for a Mac, and turned back to iTunes, and fired that show up. Looked pretty dang good.

How the hell did i miss that?? I’ll have to look into it. But 6 seasons have gone. Sheesh.

More on the karaoke software later perhaps.
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