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Conan The Barbarian

Just finished watching this ridiculous excuse for a Conan movie.

What a sorry effort for a Conan flick. Looks to me like it was primarily a vehicle for 3D special effects. I don't have a 3D TV sooooooooooo it failed to impress. Robert E. Howard probably twisted in his grave when this was released.

The storyline was pretty awful. Visuals were okay I guess but as I said, I think it was an excuse to throw a bunch of 3D S/FX together.

I’ve read most of the books (and the dang comics too) ever written about the Cimmerian by nearly any author. And you know Arnold wasn’t it either, but sheesh.

TexasT’s rates this one 1/2 a T. Bleh.

That’s 112 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

‘nuff said.
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