TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Busy day in lake woebegone

Left la casita shortly after 100 today. Met my friend the LaCrosse Coach for a quick lunch at New York Coffee Shop. Then stopped by a Comcast office and exchanged my dead DVR for a live one. Figured out a spilled drink (Hello Rai-Rai) was its demise. Hope they don't look too close at that unit!

After that I drove out to the storage room in the frickin' hinterlands to see if I could locate an old set of PC speakers I have. I did. And in the 2d box I checked too. Lucky that. It's flippin' hot out. Have I mentioned the AC in the Saturn Express is out? By the time I was finished I was a soaked man. From head to toe.

Let the sweat dry a bit and then went and got my hairs cut. Been a while, I think my hair is in shock!

Now I am at my watering hole for a couple of cold ones, waiting for the traffic to thin out a bit. It ain't far, I just don't want to sit in ANY traffic at the moment.

Just now got an email from UPS saying they left a package at MY FRONT DOOR. Never done that before. Reckon I'll cut my beer swilling short to get that. Pretty crowded in this bar anyway. I'll go home shortly I think...
Tags: 42, my exciting life
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