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Space, the final frontier.

My coffee table was a big old thing from Ikea. It was full sized and then some. Fine for when I had homes with larger living rooms. Not so great for small apartment living. And it’s gone! A friend, J came and picked it up today. It’s really gone!

Man it’s flippin’ hot out and I am in terrible shape. 15 years of a sedentary job and 2 years sitting on my ass have not done me any favors. *grins*

I’ve got a new coffee table, but it’s just over 1/2 as big as my old one. Manufactured by YubeCube.

Talk about space recovery! I don’t think I lost a single square inch of storage either.

Yube Cubes are made of sustainable materials. I kind of like that:

  • Includes set of 4 mounting pins (to connect yubes)
  • Inner grey frame made of molded Woodlite (proprietary combination of bamboo and recycled plastic)
  • Outer panels made from pressed reconstituted sugarcane fiber
  • Dims: 36cm3/14.17"3
  • External dimensions: 36cm x 36cm x 36cm
  • Internal dimensions: 33cm x 33cm x 33cm
Modular storage furniture is their modus operandi. The coffee table is here. I ordered from fab.com. Look their stuff over. Some cool things there.

I’ve also ordered sheets and towels from fab. Some of their offerings are pretty pricy. But I got a good deal on the Yubes while they were available.

Pictures as soon as I can get my living room back together.
Tags: 42, apartment life, my exciting life
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