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It Always Does... Always

With the entrance of my new, smaller coffee table, the desire for a more efficient apartment space has taken hold of me again. Not so far fetched really. This could be a tough move though. Spent part of the late morning and early afternoon creating fairly extensive lists for various projects. Here's the gist of them... I want to:

Living/Dining Room

Rewire the AV units (speakers mostly) in the living room. I’ve always hated those damned wire/post connectors that most AV companies have embraced. Discovered by (a happy) accident, that banana plugs are (or seem to be) much more efficient and easier to use. Was surfing thru some search page I'd done for something completely unrelated, and it came up in a link.

I’m tired of loose connections and hence continuously having to fix or tinker with the connections. Hopefully the banana (and also pin connectors for the speakers themselves) connectors will eliminate the need. Want to firm up the rest of the connections somehow as well. HDMI cables seem to work themselves loose somehow.

Also have a refurbed Kinect sensor to hook up to the 360.

Move my desk from the bedroom to the living room so I can actually use the thing as I intended to.

I want my table space back. Moving the desk should take care of that. Either to be able to keep the table mostly clear or start using the counter and get the table out of here. I really don’t care for the mini being on the table and the display on the kitchen counter.


Move the small chest out of the BR closet into the bedroom.

Move at least one of the cabinets I am/was using for bedside tables (if not both) into the closet. I might want to buy another bed side table from Yube. Don’t know yet.

I also want to hook up a stereo in the bedroom. Not that it's seeing much action these days *grins*. But I need an adjustment of some kind.

Oh yeah ~ then it's the kitchen's turn...

Okayyyy. Time to clean myself up a bit and go out for a beer or two. My latest favorite seems to be Corona Light. Yes, with a lime.

Still like my Shiner Wild Hare, but dude, that is caloric and carbful. Can't do the Michelob Ultra. I've tried. No matter how many of them I drink, they still taste like spoiled water.

Cleaning and Purging,
Tags: 42, apartment life, my exciting life
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