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Happy Friday, Y'all

Been eight days since my last post… Where does the time go? I’ve done some writing just didn't POST any of it.

First story is… Been a change or two. Decided I was going to (no REALLY) stop hanging out in bars so damned much. How much? Trust me, if it was enough to give ME pause, then… But don’t ask. K?Managed to piss a few people off, including myself. I’ve pulled a few all nighters, partying and such and I’m tired of waking up feeling like crap. Not helping with any weight loss either. I managed to lose a few pounds over the last couple weeks, but I sure as hell don't know HOW. Other than maybe lack of sleep?

So I’ve goaded mesel’ into thinking this will really be a good time to make a change. So here’s me, getting a grip.

Second story is: Made a visit to the urologist this Tuesday last, He didn't like what he saw (or FELT. Ewwwe) So I’m scheduled for a biopsy or ultrasound to see if he can figure out what is what after the Labor day weekend. Hopefully that will be sorted. PSA was okay, not great but good.

Third story: I stopped (as it was getting to be rush hour by the time I got out of his office) one of the watering holes I don’t get around to very much any more. I was hungry and thirsty and the Red Lion Pub seemed like a good choice. Had a few pints (oh yeah? See story one, T!) and some Chicken Satay. That was good. Saw one of my favorite bartenders there and barely recognized her. She dropped a considerable amount of weight and basically changed her looks. Looking good there, girlie!

When I got the bill I was reminded as to why I don't go there often. Jeepers! Expensive night.

Point four: Progress is being made (albeit slowly. I’m easily distracted) in my living space. Still a mess but getting better. Moved a book case and turned the sofa in a new direction. I dismantled the sofa table (it’s gotta go). I’m thinking the dining table may have to go into storage as well. Won’t really know till I get the durn desk out of the bedroom. I guess I just gotta ‘see’ it first. I’m betting that I’m going to need a counter height bar stool or two, because I’ll be using the counter to eat and stuff on.

And while I was monkeying around with all that I went ahead and re-wired my Living Room AV stuff. The loose connections were driving me bonkers!

Story number five: Reached out to my friends that live in Alberta a few days ago by telephone, and we had a long conversation tonight. They’d like me to come up and visit. And you know, it’s so damned hot here right now, I could deal with some cool in Canada. Susie says she’s got frequent flyer miles I could use. It would be great to get out of town for a while.

And going to Canada would REALLY be getting out of town, eh?

It would be great to see them, again. Man, I hate flying, though. Bleah!

We’ll circle around and talk about that again in a week or so, I think. Need to find my passport and see if it is still good. I’ve got crap to finish up around here before I go anywhere, anyway.

Story number six: I noticed some of my video didn’t make the trip from my full hard drive to the new(er) one. But not before I formatted the former. So I shot a note off to iTunes support and they granted my boon of another download for Game of Thrones S1. (See what I did there?) I didn’t quite have to beg… *grins*

Story the seventh: The last build of MacJournal (which I use for, wait for it, JOURNALING, including uploads to LJ) hosed itself. I had casted about and paid for several apps for iphone and ipad. Nothing really measured up to MacJournal. It’s a Mac app (heh. Go figure…) with an iOS app as well. And they play (read: Sync) well together. I contacted the developer, Dan Schimph, in desperation. So a few emails with attachments back and forth, he got me a build that, at least so far, seems to be pretty stable. At least it’s doing what it should be doing.

My faith in humanity might have just gone up a couple of notches. Did all of it on a Sunday too!

So I can stop using Circus Ponies Notebook for Journaling (it was kind of a pain in the ass! Don’t get me wrong, I love the program, but just not for a journal) and use it for what it really is for! NOTES… And Project management. And outlines, and etc. And stuff. There’s also a Notebook app for iPad. And these play well together.

So it’s been a week. Most of it good (If I choose to think about it that way. And I do). Some not so good. A lot of introspection went on. That’s good. Right?

All in all, I’m still vertical and still doing what passes for thinking. So there is that. Got food in the fridge, a little jack in the bank, so I ain’t going to be complaining too damned much.
Tags: 42, apartment life, the canadians
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