TexasT's (texasts) wrote,


And on sunday, TexasTs rested. Other than getting the cableguy in to show me what i was doing wrong with my new DVR setup. Dunno why they had to send a tech out for that. Tech support on the phone should be able to explain the procedure sufficiently.

Got a shipment of coffees and teas in over the weekend. I've got a kuerig single serve coffee maker.

Let myself run out of coffee, so I've been earl greying it for the last week or so.

Got a nice French roast in. Celestial seasoning sleepy time. And my new favorite is a half black tea half lemonade. Brewed over ice. Nice sipping' that is.

Overslept this morning. Was another late night, no fear, no harm.
Tags: 42, caffeine
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