TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Fortune Cookie?

"The fortune you seek is in another cookie"

I'm really disappointed with the dearth of storm tracking software for Mac OS X. Went looking tonight and came up short. Found some real nice stuff for iPad and iPhone, but aught for the big boy. Shame too, use to be a couple nice ones. But not now. Reckon I can use a web app, but where's the fun in that.

Did manage to get my desk out of the bedroom and into the main. Cleaned up a bit... Thought I was gonna have some company tonight, but no. Just wanted me to show him how to do the iTunes / iPod touch thing. I believe I can manage that one.

I'll get the 'puter moved in the next day or so and rearrange what ever is left. Then on to the bedroom...

Looks like for the moment the laser printer will be resident on the desk for the moment. It's okay. A Samsung all-in-one. I get some use out of that.need a color printer though for my other pursuit, photography. My old HP is about to hit either the recycle bin or the dumpster. Had a photog friend recommend epson printers. May have to look at those soon.

Got a little paying gig tomorrow. Should have been today, but I stayed home and moved my desk. I don't imagine it's anything to muckety muck. Sound like a comm issue. We'll see. One of my older customers.

Ten an early supper with the Offspring and her mum.

All is mostly well here

Right, I've said enough...
Tags: 42, fortune cookies, snark
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