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Can you just go ahead...

And tear my ears off now?

Awakened before 7AM this morning by the earsplitting screaming of the site wide fire alarm. I mean, I’m glad it works, but jeebus.

Got dressed and went out to have a looksee out of the stairwell. The view is wider than the view from my patio. Once I hit the hall I could see water on the floor that obviously came out of one of my neighbor’s apartment.

Also standing around (besides the tenants) were a couple of firemen. I assumed that they had everything under control, so I went to the next landing down to get away from the noise.

Within 5 or 10 minutes, they had silenced the klaxon. One of the maintenance guys came huffing and puffing up the stairs. Stopped long enough to ask me if I was afraid? Afraid?

Uh. No. Awake would be the term I’m looking for I thought.

I wasn’t even nervous. I could see that HFD had things under control. No one was running around yelling the sky is falling. Nah. I came back in and made breakfast.


Weather me this. Weather me that.

Raining lightly now. Thundering. Dark in my apartment. Quite lovely today.


It ain’t nothin’ fancy

Ordered some artwork to go on the walls here. Once it’s all up there will be pictures. Unless I don't like it.


It’s so soft.

Found a couple nice tools to help with my course work. The one I’m liking right know? Snippets. Used like a repository for code. In a pile of different languages. It will save me from reinventing the wheel every time.

It seems to integrate with a couple different editors nicely. One of which I’m using, textWrangler,

Just unfortunate it didn't come with a few more snips… I’ll be giving it some guts soon.

One of the other pieces of software I’m using is Marked. It does more than this but I’m using it to display my code results. It updates whenever a save is performed in the editor. In my case, TextWrangler.

Back to my courseware.

Not progressing with this as fast as I could be. Been a while since I’ve done anything remotely challenging. Reckon it is time. I need to flex my learning muscle more.

Also bought a couple ebooks about applescript and automator. Like to see what I’m missing there too. It’s going to be FUN!


It’s the Weeeeeeeek Ennnnnnnd...

Who has plans for the weekend?

Not me. Not yet anyway. One thing is sure, I’ll be drinking less and enjoying it more… Or less…Or whatever.


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Sep. 15th, 2012 01:10 am (UTC)
Now I wonder if there are fire alarms in this apartment building. I've never heard one. Happy about that, still...

Have you ever written any iPhone apps? Just curious.
Sep. 15th, 2012 01:35 am (UTC)
I know they are in this one. And the management has the fire equipment in all the apartments checked yearly as well.

Next week as a matter of fact, is when they are doing their yearly thing.

iPhone Apps - Not yet, but it's on my list.
Sep. 15th, 2012 05:39 am (UTC)
What a rude way to wake up! Glad everything was handled. :)

Since you're learning to code, perhaps I should learn Spanish. I have these course disks I bought YEARS ago and have never used. :)

No plans for the weekend. Anything that sounds fun is pretty much kaboshed by my inability to walk long distances. Hopefully that side-effect will go away soon.
Sep. 15th, 2012 01:57 pm (UTC)
No plans is good plans...
Sep. 15th, 2012 11:23 pm (UTC)
Especially today! I slept poorly tonight and have resented going out all day (we had to go to a mall across town to buy some things I needed, and I resented every traffic jam!). Now we HAVE to go grocery shopping, and I'm just gonna bite the bullet and do it, because it's mostly for me. But after that, CHILL TIME. :D
Sep. 15th, 2012 10:00 am (UTC)
I wish fire alarms weren't so loud. What a rude awakening.
Sep. 15th, 2012 01:56 pm (UTC)
Well no. The point is, they will drive you out of your apartment. I understand the why's and wherefore's.

I just don't have to like it.
Sep. 16th, 2012 03:08 am (UTC)
At least your neighbors dont use their smoke detector as a cooking timer. Yes... I swear at least once a week my upstairs neighbors use their smoke detector as a timer. sigh.
Sep. 16th, 2012 05:35 am (UTC)
Maybe they're just really bad cooks....
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