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Seems Like Fall

It is a not so balmy 55F (officially) out this morning. Thermometer on my patio here at la casita says a (also not balmy) 62F. Got my caffeine fix working.

I've got that dang biopsy this afternoon and the antibiotics the dr put me on is tearing my ass up. Well, my stomach at any rate. At one point, I was wondering if I was going to be able to sleep. Wasn't really as much of an issue as I'd thought it would be.

I'm down around 12 pounds according to my scale. Over the last three weeks. Haven't really changed anything, other than I'm not drinking as much BEER. A lot less as a matter of fact. Weight watchers site seems to think it's too much at once. Still watching (though not strickly) watching what I eat. And drink. Had nearly a 2lb loss three weeks ago, 7lb two weeks ago and a 2.2 lb for last week.

I seem to have misplaced my charger pack for my e cigs. Hoping it's in the car. Had dinner out with friend Kevin at our usual BW3 last Wednesday and that's the last place I saw it. After he and I finished I stopped by LW's for a bit. (I had it there) I seem to be having a problem with my "Off" switch. The bartender (bless her heart) cut me off after a few so I paid my tab and wandered off to the hacienda.

More severe steps need to be taken, obviously to do something about the On/Off switch. I just won't do it as often.

Still contending with a week old cold (and cough) at this point. *sigh* It needs to go away.

Took a rather nasty fall on Thursday morning and twisted my ankle quite nicely. So I haven't felt too much like walking.

My online course seems to be going rather slowly, I know what's wrong, I've got the Autumn Fever. Happens when the weather changes here after summer.

Borderlands 2 is giving me hell. Just like it should.

I know it sounds a bit like I'm beating myself up a bit (and maybe I am) but I'm still maintaining a mostly upbeat demeanor. Not really down on myself. I've got faults, dang it who doesn't? But I continue to work on them. I mean really, things seem to be going pretty well around here. No one is screwing with me and I'm not screwing around with anyone.

Life is good. I just keep expecting something to trip me up. Oh well. First world problems, I guess.

Right. Another cuppa joe before I get started with my day.
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