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Oh Yeah...

Listening to the new Diana Krall release.

Glad Rag Doll

She's got a lovely voice. Going to look into more from her. Any fans on the flist? Recommendations?

Here's what Ann Powers, at NPR, The Record, had to say about this one.

Cannot say I disagree. It's positively yummy stuff.

Youtube previews:

Give that a listen.


This is the best I've felt all week. Finally getting over my cold, I think. Finished my antibiotics. Guts are still a little iffy, but definitely an improvment over the last few days.

Was actually able to get off my ass and do some stuff around La Casita today.

Hope this is a continuing trend. I'm tired of feeling like poop.

Although I have to admit that I was NOT entirely against spending some quality time with 'Borderlands 2' and my XBox 360 this week. *grins*


Thinking this trend of mine to stay *mostly* out of bars is another contributor. The last couple of times I let myself go, it didn't end too well, feeling wise.

Kind of strengthens my resolve to reduce the amount of beer i enjoy.

I'll miss hanging with some of the folks, but jeebus, I don't even want to THINK about the amount of money I've spent in these places. Well, really I have a pretty good idea, as I don't pay cash for anything these days.

The amount of money I've not spent over the last few weeks is noticeable too.


Bought a trio of "flameless" candles. They're battery operated, and have timers. I kinda like the safety part of these things. Don't get hot, but still deliver that "candle" feeling. They even have a little scent built in. Subtle. They flicker and sputter just like real ones. Run on 'C' Cells for chrissakes. Not sure I've had anything that ran on those for years. !!


More to get done round here tomorrow, I hope.
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