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Thought it was just me…

I was getting ready to get ready to go to bed. *grins* And I wondered why the hell I was sweating, in what should be a perfectly cool apartment. Thought maybe it was just me trying to get a cold again. Or something.

Checked my thermostat and it was saying it was 85F in here! Not sure how long the thing has just been running, but it must have been quite a space of time. ‘Something’ tripped the breaker. I untripped it (Untripped, it is SO a word!) Turned all the fans on in here, to see if the temp is gonna fall or what. Regardless, someone needs to check the bugger out!

85 is quite balmy. Especially since it is a very humid, 78F outside. If it isn’t working, I’m going to have to open windows and doors and things. Not conducive to good sleep. Just because of the humid. If it is working, I still want someone to check it out.

I can deal. I just don’t want to! Heh.

I can put an old box fan in the Bedroom window. 5 floors up or not, I don’t really want to leave my patio door open all night. Not that any one will ninja in from the roof. *grins* I’d just prefer the critters (bugs) stay outside where they belong.


And I need to hide the controller for the XBox 360 for a day or two. Jeebus…


First World Problems, eh?

Annnnnnnnd Nope. I started this entry around 0115 and it is now 0200.

The system does not appear to be working. I’ve turned it off and opened the windows in the BR (and the friggin’ patio door in the living) and put a box fan in one of the windows. If that doesn't do the trick I may have to take a cool shower.

I’m tired enough, I think.

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