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Thanks, but I Think Not

A friend invited me to a Hallowe’en party in a couple of weeks. It is a costumed affair, of course.

I may change my mind the closer we get to the day, but you know? I’m just not feeling it.

Probably be hanging out with a bunch of folks that work for The Big Clam. Honestly, I’m tired of hanging out with a bunch of people that are spoiled working for an oil multinational and all they can do is BITCH about it. I don't fit with that group any more. If I ever did really.

Have a standing invite to an annual party as well, with not ex work related folks. But again, I’m just not feeling it. This is a bunch of the folks at a bar where I (used to *grins*) hang out.

Not spending so much time in bars is working out pretty good. I tend not to do stupid or at the very least unwise, shit when I don’t.


Right, going to go through the last few days mail, and then shower. Then I’ll GTFO. It’s getting warmish in here HA!

Got errands to run and I cannot stay in La Casita while it’s like this. Feel like I’ve been perspiring for 2 days now. Eewwe.


On an up note, I believe I’ve about finished my Holiday gift shopping. Pretty easy though. I have a really small list these days. Some of it is here, and i need to stop by the apt office and pick it up. I can put in a maintenance request at the same time. Actually, I have a couple. When it rains it pours, eh?

  • The wand for the blinds on my patio door snapped off. May I have another?
  • The chain for the light on the ceiling fan (Which I rarely use) has broken. And the lights are stuck on. May I have another?
  • Annnnnnnnnnnd the AC appears to be busted. Fix it please!

How the hell do ceiling fan blades get so damned dusty when they are almost always moving?
Tags: 42, friends, party like a rockstar
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