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Been a Thursday...

And a pretty good one at that.

Right now, sipping some apple cider. Got the Seattle vs 49-ers game on the tube. Patio door is open. There’s a slight cool breeze wafting in from there.

My little changes must be working. I felt pretty good when I woke up this AM.

Had three beers with friend Kevin at BW3 last night was home early and in bed by midnight I think. Up this morning before 0800. Woke up around 0700. Rolled back over. *grins*

Oatmeal and coffee for BFast. Coffee was funny tasting.

I use a Keurig. And the pot had slowed down. Also didn't seem to be getting the quantity quite right, either. Bought some fruit drinks from Keurig, and I made one of them last night. Pomegranate and strawberry. Brewed over ice. Boing! That will open your eyes. And my first cup this morning had a definitely sweet undertaste.

I was thinking it maybe time to de-scale the coffee maker. Even though I use demineralized water.

I yanked the inner cup from the brewer and went after it with an old electric toothbrush and some real hot water. Next cup not only was the juice taste gone, but the brewer was making coffee at it’s regular amount of time and the right quantity. Gotta say:


I’ll be cleaning that little cup more often. *grins*


I like that machine. I’ve been making iced coffee and teas with it. And now juice drinks and lemonade by the glass.


Played Borderlands 2 for a bit. Did a couple of lessons from my coding course.

Had a call from The Offspring, before I had lunch asking if I wanted to have some. Heh. Picked me up and we went to the New York Coffee Shop on Hillcroft. Nice? Yeah. Quiet? Not necessarily. Was okay though. Nice to catch up with my kiddo!

After that she dropped me at la casita. I checked the mail and stopped by the office on the way back up stairs. Picked up some stuff that was delivered.

Some of my frames for art will be delivered tomorrow. Some on Monday. That will be nice. Didn’t like the little framelets (it’s a word!) that I had bought for a few posters. So replacements are on the way.

I’ve got some art with seemingly odd dimensions. Found some frames for them too.

Been doing holiday shopping. My list is pretty small so I’m close to done aside from some small, pooky stuff.


No. Not complaining. All is right with my little corner of the world.

Life is good. Could be better of course, but that is up to me. No-one else.

Small bites, kids. Small bites.
Tags: 42, apartment life, the offspring
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