TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

I Think I Need

To get outta here for a bit tonight.

Might be getting just a little stir crazy.

Cleaned and dusted in the BR today.
Put up a mirror in the BR (now that all the electronics are off the dresser).
Folded some wash.
Framed a couple of pictures and a poster or two.
Watched the Texans kick some ass.
Cleaned T’s up a bit.

Borderlands 2 *sigh*


Had the air off for a couple of days now. Pretty pleasant in the bedroom. But in the living and kitchen? Oh it’s muggy and uncomfortable. Heh. The box fan in the window in the BR really makes a difference.

I’m thinking the windows and doors are gonna need shut and the air turned on later. Dunno yet.


But yeah I may need (well, want) to get out of here for a while tonight. I’ll think on it a bit more. If not tonight, then definitely for a bit tomorrow at some point. Need some human interaction.
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