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O Blessed Nectar!

Was sitting here last night after dinner. Just me and the Xbox. Had been after some stuff in Borderlands 2. Questing and grinding I guess you could call it. Had a nice little buzz too, as I hammered the bad guys and nut cases that make up most of Pandora’s population.

Got a text from one of my friends who used to be behind the counter at 2 different bars. It was to the effect of, “Well I’m at Lil’ Woods. Where the hell are you?!”

Most know I’ve stopped spending so much time in bars. Before I could reply I got a text from ANOTHER of my favorite Bartenders who had also quit and she was also at LW’s.

Whsat could I say, I saved my game and went to the damned bar! Who am I to argue?

They’ve both since gone the corporate route for work. One in IT (Whip smart and very active). And the other is writing mortgages or some such. And with interest rates as low as they are she’s constantly working 12 hour days.

Good to see them both. We had a good time talking and joking around. They bailed after midnight. I didn't even realize it was after midnight. Until it was 1:45. (!!)

Some obnoxious insulting fuck sat down next to me and badgered me about several things. Shit I considered to not be someone’s business I had just made the acquaintance of. And I tried to politely tell him this. Then he got a little ugly with me about my weight. I carry a little extra around. He said rather smugly, ‘that it was obvious I hadn’t been exercising because I was a fatty.’

This would usually be an invitation to knock a person off their bar stool. Instead I invited him to move further down the bar. I was not very polite about it either. This asshole couldn’t buy a clue with a 50 dollar bill. My girls had left, the guy that was sitting on the other side of me, with whom I’d been having a real conversation with, was ready to bail out. I said me too, and drained what little brew I had left. Already paid my tab, so I followed said leaving dude out the door. The guy followed me to the door !

Grabbed me by the elbow. ‘One more question.’ Okay I got time for one more, I guess. ‘ What is it you do. What floats your boat, now?’

I gently detached his fingers from my arm, looked him in the eye, and said, “It’s simple. I refuse to be miserable. EVER. Even when dealing with skinny bitches with no manners.”

With that I turned and walked to my car. As I turned about to get in, I noted he was still staring after me. As I left the parking lot, I noted with some satisfaction that the bartender had elected to lock the door behind him. Serves his ass right. I think he’d run off like 3 other people prior to working on me. I was on my way out any way. So he didn't get the score (or whatever the fuck it was he was trying to accomplish) at 4-0.

Stopped at a 24 hour drugstore for some stuff and was home by 3-ish. In bed by 4-ish. And up and out of bed at 10-ish, because I got chilled-ish.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m working on my second-ish mug of coffee. And I’m feeling a bit peck-ish, so there is some buttered banana bread in my not to distant future. Ish…

Have a great Saturday Y’all!
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