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Is This Thing On?

Had an old Airport Express. Old. I think it’s from 2007 or 2008.

An Airport Express can be used to setup a wireless network or extend an existing one. You can connect devices (Printers, etc.) to networks via ethernet or USB. It can be used as a wirless hub for an Ethernet WAN.

I use mine for network extension and another thing is you can use it for AirTunes, now AirPlay. The problem with my older one was it kept losing signal. WiFi would fall off. he thing would lose AirPlay constantly.


As an aside ~ I’m watching the History Channel and there’s an actual show about ‘HISTORY’ on. ‘The Men Who Built America’

Cool stuff. Andrew Carnegie.


Anyway, the current software (Airport Utility) on my Mac wouldn’t configure this older thing or even troubleshoot it. Damn planned obsolescence.

Think I can still download an earlier version from Apple. Instead I bought a new Airport Express. It had been giving intermittent problems for a year now.

Didn’t even realize they had redesigned the thing until I went to order one. Setup was a breeze. And the now look like a white AppleTV (latest gen) almost. It’s a little bigger than the older unit. They added a WAN port And lost the look of the Apple laptop power bricks. It was all rounded edges. Now it looks like (as I said) an Anti-AppleTV. Had the thing online since early afternoon and have had no drop off in signal or music. Okay. Good buy. Let you know in a week or so.

Works good with AirFoil as well. Airfoil enables audio to be handled by WiFi. And it does this superbly. Send or receive on my portable devices. Heh. I use it mostly to send iTunes TO them to put music where ever I want in my apartment.

AirFoil in my opinion, is everything that AirPlay should be. I don’t have to dink around with it. It just works. Where have I heard that before?

Okay. I’ll stop now.


Kind of a lazy day here. Got up late and I believe I’ll be hitting the hay earlier than 4AM tonight. Heh
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