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Never Did Mind the Little Things. Usually...

That Just feels… Weird.

Shortly after I moved in here, is it several years now? Shortly after that I was out buying some Susie Homemaker stuff. And I bought an OXO drain stopper. The thing has a silicon center. This should make it very easy to empty, right? You just hold it over the trash and push the bottom.

Right. It works. But touching that thing just gives me the heebie jeebies. I’ve taken to using a paper towel. So the gunk and the towel just go away.

I found the one that came with the apartment whilst getting some cleaning supplies from below the kitchen sink. Don’t know but that little stainless steel SOB is starting to look pretty good to me! For some reason that slimy feeling silicon just make me *shudder*.


Open Up! In the Name of the Law!

Got a note from Apartment “Management” yesterday.

They want do have a maintenance worker do a “preventative maintenance” inspection. Maybe I’m paranoid but, that sounds like an excuse for “snooping around”.

Then again, if they just want to replace burned out bulbs and and AC Filters, then have at it! *laughs*

Don’t remember them ever doing this bit before. Especially with one days notice. But all the apartments around mine seem to get the same note.

I’ll let ‘em in… Maybe.



The Great Outdoors

Spent a lot of time today out. On my patio *laughs* Been rather pleasant so far today. I think I heard the humidity is supposed to start ratcheting up over the weekend. I’m sure folks around here wouldn’t mind a bit of the wet stuff.

I’ve read the paper, folded some laundry. Had my coffee and now some green tea out there.

The Great Indoors

For some odd reason, I woke up before 0600 this morning. I got up looked around, had a coffee and went back to bed. I dozed for an hour or so. Can’t really say I was really sleeping.

Maybe I went to bed too early. I was falling asleep sitting up. Doesn’t matter. I woke up. Twice even. That’s the thing. It’s a good day. HA!
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