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It happens...

There was a gay couple that lived in the high rise across the way from La Casita. Never met these two but I saw them and exchanged words by the pool on more than occasion.

The high rise apts have very skinny porches that run the length of the apt you’ve leased. I noticed a change in behavior at their apt the last few weeks. They used to leave the blinds either up or open in the 2 BR place. And the small porch was full of plants. It really did look nice at night all lit up and you could see the plant silhouettes with the backdrop of the light behind.

Noticed in the last week or two, they started keeping the blinds more closed than open. And yesterday I was sitting on the patio with my coffee and the paper, I noticed ALL of the plants were gone.

A shame. They easily had the nicest patio in that building.

One of the guys was shamelessly, flamboyantly gay, the other a little more subdued. Just another couple really. The apartments will be a little darker without their presence.
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