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Color me… No really just color me.

I pulled the trigger for an Epson printer today.

Jeebus. Took me long enough. Been seeing how long I could go without a color printer I guess. My old HP is just to damned persnickety and I don’t think the ink tank calibration works. I used it for a few years, but now, it’s… Time to go fellla!

It’s dead, Jim!

Last time I tried to connect with it, the thing told me it needed 2 or 3 new ink carts. And then jumped off my network.


Pulled the trigger on a re-furbed Nikon D5100 Camera body. Crazy? Maybe. But…
Larger sensor
More megapixels
Multi-angle LCD view screen (in addition to the regular viewfinder).
Will let me automate some things with my computer (D60 will not interface)
Uses the same lenses as my D60. ! Yay!
Interface is pretty much the same too.

And a decent price for a factory re-furb.

As far as I can tell the only real cons?

It uses different batteries. Bleh.
Oh and Nikon’s re-furb warranty. 6 months.

I guess I’m gonna have to turn pro or something. **laughs** NOT!

I’m a two DSLR photographer!


So… You want to take peectures, eh?

Signed up for a couple photography courses as well. I really need the principles and all that behind the scenes stuff, ‘splained to me.

Once I have a true(-r) understanding of those, I think I’ll take better photos. Already 3 or 4 lectures in on the first one.

Something I should have done when I bought the D60 those few years ago.

Bettah late than nevah!


Fall? Really?!

For SE Texas, we’re really having a nice fall-like week. I turned the AC off DAYS ago. And have had the windows and doors open since. I close the patio door (dunno why ~ I’m 5 floors up and on the top floor ~heh) at night when I go to bed. Not like some ninja is gonna rope in from the roof!

One night I had to close the windows as well.

Other than that - Not really much going on.

Need to scare up some dinner… Later…
Tags: camera, photography, tech
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