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Dude! Where's My Camera?

Friend KD showed up at my door with a new camera and a 6 pack, which he worked on. Not me.

I put his Samsung point and shoot together for him. Made sure it was working. Showed him basic operations on the thing. Nice little camera. Lotsa MP. Seems to take fair pics. Slow though. My little point and shoot LUMIX seems to be faster. Though not by much.

Sumbitch would NOT stop taking pictures of me. Even though I asked. Nicely even.

It was then I noticed I needed to put some food in him before I sent him on his merry way. Ordered Chinese delivery. We pigged out on that.

Once he was nicely sated with chinese take out, I asked to see the camera. And DELETED every picture I was in. Yes, even the ones where I flipped him off. I did ask nicely…

Once he was full of food he bailed and went home. He’ll sleep well tonight I’d venture. Supposed to come over tomorrow so I can show him how to iPod. We’ll see if he makes it. I’ll install his camera software too. Might as well.

He was supposed to go to his Mom’s this afternoon and didn’t make it. I warrant he’ll be making THAT trip tomorrow.

He’s really wrestling with elder care issues right now. I wish I could help, but I’ve got very limited experience with that kind of thing. His Mom is in her 80’s. My Dad died when I was a teenager. He was in his 40’s. My Mom went in the late 80’s. Yeah. That long ago. She was 58 at the time. And there are times where I’m grateful. Like when I see friends struggling with things like this.

Makes me feel or sound like a selfish bastard, but I wasn’t responsible for them going when they did.


I may get out of here for a bit tonight. Haven’t decided yet.

Been fairly productive, did a lecture or two for my photography class. (I’m taking the class, not teaching. *grins*) Stripped some speaker cable so I can use the wire to hang pictures with. Straightened up around here a bit. Listened to some tunes.

Haven’t picked up my Xbox controller all day. Until about 10 minutes from now, any way. Some Borderlands 2 is about to take place.
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