TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

**tap tap** Is This Thing On?

Hi! My name is TexasT’s. And I’m from Houston, Texas. Don’t we know one another, some of us?

My favorite Chinese Delivery place delivered a fairly nice 2013 Commercial grade calendar with my last order for delivery. I was surprised and touched. Looks to be in Chinese AND English.

But fellas ~ If I wanted Cashew mushrooms I would have ordered them. I believe I ordered cashew chicken. Now I don’t mind a few shrooms, but when they outnumber the meat, we may have a slight problem. As I really don’t like them enough to have an entrées worth. Yeesh!

Seriously though you guys hardly ever screw up my orders and everything is usually still hot when it hits my door!



Man, it’s a bit chilly willy out today. 61F currently and won’t get much higher than that I’d bet. Was down in the 40’s around here somewhere. Not sure it made it that low at my place. But it was a bit cool-ish in la casita this morning when I woke up. Initially at around 0400. Made myself go back under the covers until about 0545. I’d left a window cracked open.


Looks like my new printer should show up today. As well as a few other small packages. Ordered a couple of bamboo mats. 1 each for the kitchen and the bathroom. They’re supposed to be delivered today. And I think a piece of art I ordered.


Did one of the units in my class today too. I may do another yet. But I need to walk away from this machine for a while as well.


Going to head out someplace for dinner too. A bit early yet to worry about where. I think maybe shoes, if not socks will be called for…And OMG a jacket or sweater. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
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