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Just Chillin' on a Thursday

Had a late night this morning. Heh. Hung out with some friends until the wee hours this AM. Stayed abed until about 8-ish. Couldn’t make myself go back to sleep, So I’m up and about.

57F on the patio this morning. A bit on the cool side, for this old boy. Supposed to be in the 80’s at some point this weekend…

I am apparently brain dead, and could not locate my phone. But Find my iPhone did. Must have fallen out of my pocket last night in the Bedroom. What a handy utility. They got that one right.

And they installed some new hardware on my apartment door. Happy to say they changed the lock on my storage room too. Annnnnnnnnd I do not have a key. Yet.

And I’ve got irish cream annnnd hopefully a nice bottle of scotch. Bought it on the recommend of some worker dude at Spec’s. A brand I’ve not had. It’s supposed to be “less peatey”. I’m not that refined but I know what I like.

Coffee is my friend today… My good friend.
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