TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Great Googly Moogly It's Saturday

I Know a Bunch of Funny People

Had a reply from the former bartender last night. Sent a couple hours after my initial reply. Said everyone there wanted to know ‘Who I was in for the night and some reference to ‘a blue pill’.

Buncha fucking comedians at that place was all I sent back, . Sheesh.

Last I checked I didn't need the little blue pill. But you never know. Could be fun!

I suspect it was her own attempt at humor. Strange one that. Makes a pretty good attempt at pushing me away and then flirts… Hmmmmmmm. I’m sure there are some other guys that would be willing to entertain her. I know there are, I’ve talked to ‘em.

Wonder if she really thought I was going to drop everything and go and keep her company.


Where You Go I’ll follow. Unless I am pushed!

Two of the posters I hung yesterday have flung themselves off the wall. 3M Command strips didn’t work. I never heard a thing! Sleep like the dead apparently.

Looks to me like the one above the other failed and took the bottom one with it. Great. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Time for nail hangers… The first few of those strips I’ve used have held on.

Oh well. Take care of that after coffee and a shower. Perhaps a little breakfast. They won’t be falling agasin. *grins*

Coffee and the paper. First.
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